Anne Carson

Poetry Society Annual Lecture ‘Stammering, stops, silence: on the method and uses of untranslation’

Silence and how to capture it, in visual art as well as in words, is becoming something of a preoccupation of mine. So I was really looking forward to Anne Carson’s lecture last Friday evening at the British Museum.

Anne Carson is a poet, classicist, translator and writer, but she also has a wonderful way of connecting ideas. These ideas were coming thick and fast in her lecture as she referenced Bacon and Rembrandt, Homer, Joan of Arc and the poetry of Hölderlin.

British Museum
British Museum

Throughout the talk, images played on a screen behind her, not to illustrate the lecture but almost to reflect on the words that have gone and were to come. Reeling from so many thoughts and reflections, I wanted to repeat the experience. Help is at hand as the Poetry Society will be reproducing the lecture in their December issue of Poetry Review (